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Gorgeous Gifts For Women: The Distinctive Elegance of TOVA Jewelry


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In the symphony of life, jewelry plays a pivotal role, weaving emotions into every gleaming facet. As we embrace the digital era, a remarkable trend is emerging—the surge in online jewelry shopping. This shift not only brings the allure of exquisite pieces to our fingertips but also transforms the way we curate and celebrate our personal narratives.

Join us on a journey into the realm of TOVA Jewelry, where captivating anecdotes and the rising wave of online jewelry shopping converge to redefine the significance of adorning oneself with stories. 

TOVA Jewelry Shines Bright

Welcome to the vibrant world of TOVA Jewelry, where every piece tells a story of fun, distinction, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Founded in 2000 by the visionary Michelle Luterman Alfonso, TOVA has become synonymous with creating jaw-dropping jewelry that captures attention and sparks conversations.

What sets TOVA apart is not just the dazzling array of bright colors and textured materials but the commitment to crafting each piece in Canada. TOVA jewelry makers take pride in handcrafting quality products, ensuring that each creation is a statement in itself, destined to earn you compliments and become a cherished part of your story. 

Quality Matters

When choosing jewelry, prioritizing quality is key as it not only ensures longevity and durability but also reflects the timeless and exquisite nature of the piece. Investing in high-quality jewelry as gifts for women you love doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

One thing we love about TOVA is the great quality materials are available at a shockingly affordable price. Which quality materials exactly, you may be wondering?

Michelle Luterman Alfonso's creations are a celebration of high-quality materials, including distinct and unexpected combinations of Swarovski, Aurora & Preciosa crystals, semi-precious stones, hand-painted enamels, and various base metals of high quality.

That’s just another reason why we believe that TOVA jewelry can be a great gift for under $100. 

Two woman are  wearing handcrafted jewelry by TOVA  being featured in FLANELLE Magazine, available at shopRISE
Image from TOVA / FLANELLE Magazine

Handmade by Artisans

All TOVA Jewelry is proudly handcrafted in the artistic hub of Montreal, Canada. This commitment to craftsmanship ensures that each piece is a unique work of art, a testament to the passion and skill of the artisans who bring Michelle's vision to life.

When you choose TOVA, you're not merely selecting jewelry; you're acquiring a wearable masterpiece that speaks volumes about the creativity and dedication embedded in each creation. 

It's not just pieces of jewelry; it's the best gifts for women who value craftsmanship and artistic expression, whether they're moms, girlfriends, or wives.

A woman is wearing TOVA Jewelry handcrafted earrings, available at shopRISE
Image from TOVA / Scorpio Jin Magazine

Our Easy Online Store Experience

At shopRISE, we guarantee your shopping experience is as seamless as TOVA's designs. Enjoy the added bonus of free shipping on orders exceeding $300. 

For those opting for free in-store pickup (see our address here), our complimentary gift wrap services help make your TOVA Jewelry gift even more memorable. 

Whether you're looking for gifts for girlfriends, your wife, or other special women in your life, our easy shopping experience ensures that you find the perfect piece.

A woman is wearing handcrafted jewelry by TOVA Jewelry on the cover of ELLE Magazine Slovenia, available at shopRISE
Image from TOVA / ELLE Magazine Slovenia

When It’s Gone, It’s Gone

Mirroring shopRISE's commitment to exclusivity, TOVA Jewelry offers limited quantities of each design

Every piece transforms into a unique treasure, ensuring that your gift is not just special but it’s also unique. 

Move swiftly, as once a design is sold out, its rarity adds an extra layer of charm to these already exceptional pieces and they will not be restocked.

We only carry one of each TOVA design and the brand is not available on Amazon.  

This exclusivity helps make TOVA Jewelry one of the best gifts for moms who value unique and charming accessories.  They’ll love telling everyone it’s a one-of-a-kind gift from their one-of-a-kind kid. 

A woman is wearing TOVA Jewelry handcrafted ear rings on the cover of Harper
Image from TOVA / Harper's Bazar Serbia Magazine

Secure Your Gift For Her Today

Founded by Michelle Luterman Alfonso in 2000, TOVA Jewelry captivates with its commitment to storytelling, distinct craftsmanship, and quality materials, making it an affordable yet exquisite gift.

Handcrafted in Montreal, each piece is a wearable masterpiece, reflecting a fusion of Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, and high-quality base metals.

TOVA Jewelry stands out not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for the exclusivity, with limited quantities available and no restocking, mirroring shopRISE's dedication to uniqueness.

Capture the essence of your personal story or express love to someone special with TOVA's exclusive designs. Embrace the rarity, celebrate the limited editions, and remember, when it's gone, it's truly gone.

Uniqueness Makes the Best Gifts for Women

Shop online at shopRISE today, where elegance meets exclusivity, and every piece becomes a timeless testament to your exceptional taste and thoughtfulness. Elevate your gifting experience; choose TOVA, choose shopRISE – because true beauty is always in the details.

Free shipping or in-store order pickup available.

Complimentary gift wrapping available* for in-store pickup (only) 24 hours after order placed. *not available for shipping orders*

Only one of each item available at shopRISE, not available on Amazon.

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