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Haru Cami

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Introducing Haru Cami. Its effortless knit design and flattering fit with V-neckline and bust-style lines makes it the perfect look for any vacation. Made with Bisou Stripe, this piece creates an understatedly sexy and timeless style.

Bra friendly

Ribbed detail

Form-fitting. Snug through the bust, waist, and hips.

100% Pima Cotton. A soft, lightweight knit. Machine washable. But we highly recommend using an environmentally-friendly dry cleaner to prevent any shrinkage or fabric warping. Just in case.


Wear More, Wash Less:

Although it’s made from the same Pima cotton as your favorite every day tee, we highly recommend taking your knits to an environmentally-friendly dry cleaner once a season (unless you love shrunken sweaters). And opt for an eco-friendly fabric spray to freshen your knit between wears. All sweaters pill no matter what, so have a sweater stone or fabric shaver ready. Always fold sweaters instead of hanging them, since hanging will warp the fabric over time. (And because those hanger bumps at the shoulders aren’t a good look on anyone…)